MAIN Consulting International is a boutique business development consultancy that specialises in the practical implementation of strategic business planning and International Standards Organisation (ISO).

Today many businesses understand where they want to be in regard to market position and competitive advantage, yet they never seem to move forward and develop and improve their business. The reason: too many business owners are working in the business and not on their business. Consequently they struggle to allocate time to build a strategic plan.

MAIN Consulting specialises in business consulting. At MAIN Consulting we break business consulting into three distinct areas: Strategic Lean, Business Planning and Coaching & Mentoring of Key Staff. For each area we provide practical knowledge and expertise into the implementation of these three key areas into your organisation.

A key consideration when moving your business forward is the implementation of ISO based systems and procedures.

MAIN Consulting will provide, in a clear and structured format, guidance and support on the practical implementation of ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 and ISO: 18001 into your business.  International Standards provide up to date specifications for products and services, driving good business practice that in turn makes your business more effective and more efficient. Furthermore, because International Standards are developed through global agreement they are critical to reducing and eliminating international trade barriers, therefore their adoption by your business allows your business to compete on the world stage.