Quality Management System – ISO: 9001

Deciding to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) into your business is a strategic decision, however once that decision has been made the project should be treated as a priority action. Control of quality through a clear and structured QMS that embraces a culture of Continuous Improvement (CI) to constantly improve and enhance your organisations systems and procedures is only going to strengthen your business.

At MAIN Consulting we believe that an effective QMS should not be over complicated and difficult to operate but instead should be simple to follow, transparent and unambiguous and above all else a system that is adopted and embraced by its people. The key to developing such a system is to understand the organisation, its stakeholders, its people and its supply chain. At MAIN Consulting we take the time to do just that, to understand the organisation. Your organisation.

We achieve this by considering the following:

  • Organisational environment
  • Varying needs of the organisation
  • Objectives of the organisation
  • The products that the organisation provides
  • The processes the organisation utilises
  • Organisational size and structure

The systems we employ at MAIN Consulting are logical in structure and provide an ideal framework for your system both initially and for future growth. The addition of further policies, procedures or forms or extending your certifications requires no restructuring and minimal amendment.

The MAIN Consulting Quality Management System includes:

  • System Index & Map
  • Quality Policy
  • Quality Manual
  • Quality System Operational Procedures
  • Site Quality Management Plans
  • Supporting Forms & Registers

At MAIN Consulting we believe in working closely with our clients and developing a package that is truly tailored to your individual needs, this includes understanding one of your most valuable commodities, your time. We offer a modular approach to QMS implementation that allows an implementation project to run over an extended period of time or, conversely, compacted into a shortened time line, depending on your needs and requirements.