Strategic Business Planning

Today many businesses are moving towards the development of Strategic Business Plans to progress the business forward, whether to target new market sectors through acquisition or growth, to develop new processes or enhance existing ones or increase market share. The objectives are many, but the basic underlying concept is simple, to progress the business from a current state to a future enhanced state, to allow future growth.

At MAIN Consulting we believe that the primary objective of a strategic plan is to ensure that the overall design of a business is both suitable and relevant to the market environment as the market environment develops and changes over the coming years.

MAIN Consulting understands that Strategic Business Planning and the strategic decisions that emerge from the planning may require the commitment of significant resources, the implementation of which may span several months or even years and the effects of which may impact the business over several months or years. Consequently it is important to get the planning phase right.

MAIN Consulting offers a structured and logical multi step process to help support your business through this key aspect of your growth. To achieve this MAIN Consulting operates several business modelling tools and techniques, each delivering tangible outcomes to the client. The starting point of this process is a structured and detailed ‘Gap Analysis’ of your business, allowing an in-depth understanding of your business to be gained.